Belgische schilder, tekenaar Ernest Welvaert

Welvaert Ernest

Ernest Welvaert was a Belgian artist born in 1880 in Lokeren and died in 1946 in Uccle. He was a painter and draftsman. He studied at the Higher Institute in Antwerp, under the supervision of J. De Vriendt and Is. Opsomer. He was influenced by E. Claus and Th. Verstraete. He evolved from impressionism to expressionism. After his marriage, he settled on the edge of the forests of Daknam. He was a glorifier of the landscape and people of the country of Waas. He observed the landscape with changing weather or season switches. He often puts figures in it: the farmers in the field, his wife in the orchard, and later (his) children. The palette was lush luminist. At the insistence of the wife, the family moved to Mechelen in 1921, to arrive in Uccle around 1930. Gradually, the palette became more gloomy, the design more synthesized. Brabant landscapes and more portraits were created during that period. Listed in BAS I. (PIRON)