Belgische kunstenaar Emiel De Cooman

De Cooman Emiel

Emiel De Cooman was a Belgian artist who was born in 1922 in Geraardsbergen and who died in 2021 in Appelterre. He was a painter and etcher. Son of Jan De Cooman. At just 14, Emiel managed to engrave and print his first etchings in his father's studio and then sell them on to his friends. Emiel learned not only the etching techniques from his father. His father also taught him to use the brush.' (nuus.be) Found the inspiration for his works in the surroundings of Dendermonde and Ninove. From the press: 'With an etching or a painting by E.D.C. you are always standing in front of an open window: here and there a farm or a few houses by some trees in peaceful seclusion, the snow landscapes with the unforgettable impression, the new and innovative face of earth and sky, where the ground can be caressed by its whiteness and admire.” (1973) Worked in Appelterre/Eichem. In recent years, art has become somewhat forgotten and Emiel has focused on computer-related activities, especially graphic inventory. He also finally found the opportunity to entrust folk wisdom and stories to paper and thus save it for the future. ’ (nuus.be) Mentioned in BAS II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Source: Piron; www.nuus.be/2021/03/17/kunstschilder-etser-emiel-de-cooman-overleden/)