Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Jean-Marie Dutry

Dutry Jean-Marie

Jean-Marie Dutry was a Belgian artist, born in Lokeren in 1899 and died in Ghent in 1986. He was a sculptor and painter. He is Edmond Dutry's brother. He trained as a doctor of law and is self-taught with regard to his visual arts. He started painting rather late and later also started sculpting. As a painter he realized, among other things, picturesque scenes from rural life or compositions with folksy figures. He used a powerful, expressive design, in which a humorous attitude usually stands out. As a sculptor, he designed, among other things, symbolistically charged compositions, such as two slender female hands supporting a face (mask). From the press: “From a formal language of reality and imagination, the artist departed to design and purify his own structure of lines and volumes. Balances grow, a new world unfolds, which exists and is cherished somewhere between dream and reality.” Jean-Marie Dutry's work is depicted in the Annuaire des Beaux-Arts vi (1950-1951, p. 137). also mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries signatures of Belgian artists (Piron)