Mozes' gezag betwist door Mirjam en Aäron (1643 - 1646)

Artist: Harmen Jansz Muller (+/- 1539 en +/- 1617)
After: Maarten van Heemskerck  (Heemskerk 1498 - 1574 Haarlem)
Production date: 1643 - 1646
Technique: Gravure
State: See pictures (work was removed from frame to scan it)
Sale with frame: Yes
Size picture (in cm): 24.5 cm x 21 cm  (Moet 25 cm x  21 cm)
Dimensions of the work: 52 cm x 42  cm
Obtained: Auction 

The black background in the photo has been used to highlight the details of the paper used.  The paper was removed from the frame and scanned.

Aaron and Miriam stand before Moses and his Nubian wife and challenge his authority by criticizing his marriage to her. On the right, Moses, Aaron and Miriam speak to God, who appears in the form of the tetragrammaton in the doorway of the covenant tent. In the landscape, Aaron on his knees pleads with Moses not to hold him accountable for his sin. Mirjam is struck by skin disease in the desert. On the mountain, Moses prays for her to be healed. Print is part of a series on the eight beatitudes of Christ and illustrates the beatitude: Blessed are the meek. On the stairs a stone with this text from Mat. 5:5 in Latin. At the bottom in the margin a verse in Latin about the beatitude and the presentation.
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