Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstschilder Raphael Dubois

Dubois Raphael

Raphael Dubois was a Belgian painter, born in Liège in 1888 and died in 1960 (?). He was educated at the Academy in Liège under the direction of E. Carpentier (1902-1903). He realized landscapes, cityscapes, figures and still lifes. In 1905 he discovered Impressionism. His landscapes are painted in a fresh, luministic color palette and exude spontaneity. After the First World War he settled in Montparnasse/France and stayed in Nice/France from 1930 to 1939. During the Second World War he worked in Brussels and Paris. Raphaël Dubois is mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)