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Schilderijen en tekeningen van de Belgische kunstenaar Marino De Vos

De Vos Marino

Marino De Vos was a Belgian artist, born in Zottegem in 1920 and died in Zottegem in 1993. He was a painter and draftsman. He was the son of Frans De Vos. At the end of 1930 - beginning of 1940 he started his education at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. After his studies, he established himself professionally as an independent decorator and interior painter in Balegem. Until 1967 he painted classical landscapes, after which the subject matter became heavier and grainier and his design more synthesized. Still lifes and portraits were created sporadically. The female figure is usually central in his drawings. He was a drawing teacher at the Royal Athenaeum in Zottegem (1950-1954) and then at the national secondary schools in Zottegem and Oudenaarde for a period of more than twenty years in Ronse and then in Brakel. From 1945 he took part in exhibitions. Shortly after his death, a retrospective exhibition took place in the De Kring Hall in Balegem. Marino De Vos is mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)