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Grafische kunst kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Yves De Smet

De Smet Yves

Yves De Smet was a Belgian artist, born in Ghent in 1946 and died in Ghent in 2004. He was a sculptor, painter and conceptual artist. He studied monumental arts at Sint-Lucas in Ghent and modern philosophy at Ghent University. Between 1964 and 1970 he produced monochrome reliefs, architectural integrations, minimal constructions and concrete poetry. From 1971 he made relational work. From the press: "People will remember his series on the stone and his gift for giving the most unsightly or hardly seen and imaginative dimension." (H.B., 2005) Yves De Smet was co-founder of the Center for Constructive Design Plus Kern in Ghent. He became a teacher at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. His work can be found in the Museums of Modern Art in Brussels and Ghent, among others. In 2005 a Hommage exhibition was held in the gallery In den Bauw in Kalken. (Piron)