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Kunstwerken van de Belgische kunstenaar Adrien De Braekeleer kopen

De Braekeleer Adrien

Adrien De Braekeleer was a Belgian painter, born in Antwerp in 1818 and died in Borgerhout in 1904. He was the nephew and pupil of Ferdinand De Braekeleer (Sr.), but also received advice and support from H. Leys and became a teacher by this teacher. strongly influenced. He was a romantic painter of genre scenes, domestic interiors and animals. Between 1849 and 1891 he exhibited regularly at the Antwerp Salons, mostly with kitchen interiors and blacksmiths. From the press: 'Due to the atmospheric color scheme and his meticulous drawing, which make the material expression of things palpable, his genre paintings, although painted according to the prevailing concepts of the end of the nineteenth century, rise above the then unartistic leading banality of this genre. ' Adrien De Braekeleer also worked sporadically as a sculptor. In 1868 he made the press in Belgium and Paris for his heroic performance in the crowded city center of Antwerp; he shot the tiger that had escaped from the Zoo and had already killed several walkers in its wild escape attempt. We can find his work in the Museum in Antwerp, among other places. It is also mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)