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Schilderijen van de Belgische kunstenaar Robert Jean Davaux kopen

Davaux Robert Jean

Robert Jean Davaux was a Belgian artist born in Seneffe in 1887 and died around 1965. He was a painter, (wood) engraver, sculptor, blacksmith and glass artist. He was educated at the Academy in Brussels. In 1913 he took part in the entrance examination for the Prix de Rome for painting, in 1920 for sculpture and in the same year also took part in the Prize for engraving. He mainly found his inspiration in the human figure and he made characters, female nude figures and (fictional) portraits. His painterly oeuvre consists of approximately 900 canvases. As an art blacksmith he made countless chandeliers, in which (coloured) glass was also processed. He participated, among other things, in the Salon d'automne in Mons in 1913 (Portrait de l'auteur, a painting, La Reine à l'endroit, an etching and Don Quichotte, a woodcut). Robert Jean Davaux settled in Paris before the start of the First World War. His brother, Ferdinand Davaux, became known as a singer and comedian in the Charleroi region. (Piron)