Kunst van de Belgische kunstenaar Dany Jannin kopen

Jannin Dany

Dany Jannin was a Belgian artist born in Vorst in 1919 and died in Brussels in 1980. He was a painter, illustrator, photographer and he also worked in advertising. Training at the Academies in Brussels and Saint-Gilles/Brussels, at Saint-Lukas in Brussels. There are two main themes key in his works: the North Sea and the female nude. Thus he painted, among other things, the Belgian coast, the beaches, the dikes and the woman, naked, as a source of desire, but also children, landscapes, compositions, still lifes, flowers. Synthesized post-expressionist design. His works reflect poetry and serenity. Was a teacher at Sint-Lukas in Brussels from 1957 to 1965. For sixteen years he ran the advertising agency Createc, which he founded in 1950. Mentioned in Bas I and Two Centuries Signatures of Belgian Artists.