Schilderijen en pastels van de Nederlandse kunstenaar Gerard Cox jr.

Cox Gerard jr.

Gerard Cox jr. (Rotterdam 1902-1982 Mook). He was born as the fifth child of the painter Gerard Cox Sr. (25-12-1864 Arcen - Eindhoven 22-04-1931) and Marie Heesius. Initially he painted as a hobby, in addition to his job in the catering industry. He worked for the Holland-America Line, among others. That brought him to New York in the 1920s where he worked at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. But he also worked as a resident waiter at Hotel de Plasmolen in 1924 and as a warehouse clerk. He agreed with his father that from now on he would sign his pastels with a single line under his name. From that moment on, Gerard Cox Sr. drew a double line from the G and the C. With single underlined signatures "G.Cox", the style of the work must indicate whether it is a work by Gerard Jr. or an early work by his father . He had been a professional artist since 1945. He made paintings, drawings and pastels, mainly landscapes in a realistic style. From 1955 the family lived in Arcen, the area of his father's youth (with forests, heathland, arable land and water mill) that inspired him. He sold a lot through the art dealer and from his studio. (RKD, Art Auction)