Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Charles-Joseph Hoolans

Hoolans Charles-Joseph

Charles-Joseph Hoolans was a Belgian artist who was born in Brussels in 1914 and who died in 1866 or 1872. He was a lithographer. Charles Hoolans specialized in drawing topographical prints of towns and villages, which were then distributed in lithograph printing. He was an autodidact and started working for lithographer H. Borremans. He published three series of lithographs about Lessen, Geraardsbergen and Ninove. From the middle of the 19th century, Hoolans worked independently and was active in Verviers (1857), Dison (1857), Limburg, Huy, Tienen (1858), Sint-Truiden, Hasselt, Tongeren (1860), Halle (1864) , Diest, Aalst and Aarschot. All study drawings of nature that he made in preparation for his 'Vues de Belgique' are kept in the Royal Library of Belgium. The artist himself converted all the drawings into lithography. Lithographs with his works were published by the lithographic printers Simonau & Toovey in Brussels and Ernest Roose in Hasselt. His work is stylistically close to that of Adrien Canelle and is of great importance for the history of the cities or villages that have been presented, in the transition from a rural to an industrial community. (RKD, Wikipedia)