De Belgische kunstenaat Charles Counhaye

Counhaye Charles

Charles Counhaye was a Belgian artist born in Verviers in 1884 and died in Brussels in 1971. He was a painter, draftsman and watercolorist. Education at the School of Decorative Arts in Verviers conducted by Ransonnet, at the Academy in Brussels conducted by Montald. Settled in Brussels. Became friends with the future protagonists of Brabant Fauvism and his art then exhibited both explosions of pure colors that ignored the contours and cubist influences that seemed more constructive. Subsequently evolved towards synthesis of design and mastered expressionism. Found inspiration mainly in the human figure. His works testify to deep humanity and often have a social streak. Realized among others compositions with figures, nudes, portraits, still lifes. Played an important role as an innovator of contemporary monumental, decorative art. Formed, among others, the artists of the Force Murale Group. Often stayed in France and Spain. Designed stained glass windows and mosaics for the Abbey of Tongerlo (1920), six stained glass windows for the Saint Christopheus church in Charleroi (1958), a large glass window for the Horticultural Institute in Gembloux (1960) and also designed tapestries and murals. Was a teacher at the Lycée Française in Brussels and from 1927 to 1949 at Ter Kameren in Brussels. Mentioned in two centuries by Belgian artists. (PIRON)