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peintre Belge Charles Claude Houssard

Houssard Charles Claude

Charles Claude Houssard was a Belgian painter born in Liège in 1884 and died in Etterbeek in 1958. Student of C. Theunissen but also worked in the workshops of Carpentier and Donnay. Worked in Brussels under the direction of L. Frédéric, whose influence can be seen in the panoramic landscapes and the vast skies. Mainly painted landscapes, river, harbor and coastal views and marines. Found inspiration at the Belgian coast, in the Kempen, the Ardennes and Zeeland. He managed to capture the majesty of the sea and the majestic serenity of a landscape in his works. Work, among other things, in the town hall in Schaerbeek. Mentioned in BAS I and Two Centuries Signatures of Belgian Artists. (PIRON)