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Schilderij van de Belgische kunstenaar Roland Cassiman kopen

Cassiman Roland

Roland Cassiman was a Belgian artist, born in Ninove in 1937 and died in Ypres in 2015. He was a painter, draftsman, poet and author. He was active as a jazz musician in Brussels and Vilvoorde (1957-1960) and as an art critic under Jan Walravens for magazines such as Het Laatste Nieuws and De Nieuwe Gazet in Brussels and Antwerp. Roland Cassiman about himself: “His works are never closed or terminal, but the result of pictorial ego trips and inner monologues, in which there are no static moments. He strives for effectiveness and energy explosions. Above all, he seeks a specific rhythm that corresponds to a psychic tension at that moment that manifests itself in a figurative action painting, an emotional battle situation in which an almost ritual imprint of himself is lyrically projected. In these fleeting moments are the greatest lonely tensions. Through these constant journeys of introspection, he finds his life one big vacation. The undertone of his works is certainly not optimistic. He calls it a melancholic-romantic truth. The central theme is man. Not man as a whole, but as an individual.” His work can be found in various consulates, in the collection of the Spanish State, in the Museum in Liège and in the Print Room in Brussels. He is mentioned in Artists and galleries, fourth edition (2000), in BAS II and in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)