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Kunstwerken van de Belgische kunstenaar Louis-Jacques Camerlinckx

Camerlinckx Louis-Jacques

Louis Jacques Camerlinckx was a Belgian artist, born in Aarschot in 1920 and died in Eksel in 1989. He was a painter and pastellist. He was educated at the Academy in Brussels and continued his studies at the age of eighteen at the Higher Institute in Antwerp under the guidance of Is. Opsomer and Eug. Joors. He mainly focused on the pastel technique and painted portraits, girl figures, young people and religiously inspired work. He became famous in 1945 with a Stations of the Cross in Tielt, which subsequently led to many commissions. Ways of the Cross, including in the churches in Holsbeek and Hoppe-Vloesbergen and in the chapel of the Sisters of the Visitation in Leopoldsburg. From the press: “L.J.C. was virtuoso, with accurate keys and his own recognizable style. His life was painting, and his knowledge of people made him an unforgettably great artist. “ He was co-founder of the painting school in Aarschot, where he later also worked as a teacher and director. In 1950 he married Madeleine Douven. In 1955 he exhibited in the Lautrec gallery in Brussels. In 1962 he settled in Eksel. In his house, which he called the Thébaide, he exhibited annually from 1968. He is mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)