Kunst van de Franse kunstenares Dominique Breton kopen

Breton Dominique

Dominique Breton is a French artist, born in Saint-Lô/France in 1951. She is a painter and draftsman. After studying at the School of Fine Arts in Rouen, she started her artistic career under the guidance of Frank Innocent (1912-1983). She remained in contact with him until his death, after which Dominique Breton took over his estate. He shared his vision of painting with her, but she distinguished herself by her lighter color palette and more fluid style. She was winner of the Great Rome Robert Savary Prize.

In the 1970s she began her first solo exhibitions. She exhibited in various regions of France. In 1977 she had the opportunity to exhibit at the Présent Art gallery, where she succeeded Léonor Fini. About her drawing talent: “Dominique practices drawing with undeniable success and composes effortlessly, as content with a bouquet of dahlias as with a windswept seascape or a portrait.” And about her painting talent: “While painting, she listens only to sacred music, absorbing the beauty through the mind while keeping her senses alert. In her home, the purity of shadows, the fleeting reflections of water and the modest countryside paths lead to an original artistic translation.” (Luis Porquet, art critic) (BT)