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kunstwerken van de Franse kunstenaar Yves Brayer kopen

Brayer Yves

Yves Brayer was a French painter, born in Versailles/France in 1907 and died in Paris/France in 1990. In 1924 he started his training at the academies in Montparnasse and then at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. There he was accompanied by, among others, Jean-Louis Forain. During his student days he participated in the Salon d'Automne and the Salon des Indépendant. In 1927 he received a scholarship and left for Spain, where his encounter with the Spanish masters in the Prado Museum had an important influence on his further development. Black and dark colors became his color palette. In 1930 he was awarded the Prix de Rome and left for Italy. Under the influence of the impressions he gained in Italy, his color palette changed to ocher and terracotta red. In 1934 he returns to Paris, where the general public gets to know him. In 1960, a museum for his works was opened in a large room in the town hall. In 1945 he discovered Provence, which again marked a turning point in his oeuvre. His color palette is expanded with greens, light yellows and various shades of blue. Yves Brayer returned to Spain and Italy, but Provence and the Camargue remained his favorite places until the end of his life. (BT)