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Schilderijen kopen van de Waalse kunstenaar Olivier Henri Boseret

Boseret Olivier Henri

Olivier Henri Boseret was a Belgian painter, born in 1925 in Jambes and died in 2005 in Namur. He trained at the Academy in Namur and at the Arts et Métiers in Charleroi. He was a student of Merny, Dandoy, Collignon and Engels. He created landscapes and cityscapes. He used an extremely refined technique with an eye for detail. His works exude symbolism, baroque and fantasy and sometimes seem related to surrealism. He was an art teacher at the evening school in Jambes for a period of six years. He exhibited in Brussels, Charleroi, Jambes, Knokken, Liège, Namur Saint-Hubert and Luxembourg. (Piron)