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kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Bert Hildebrandt

Hildebrandt Bert

Bert Hildebrandt was a Belgian artist who was born in Antwerp in 1906 and died in Spain in 1974. He was a painter and etcher. Was friends with Edm. Van Dooren and initially underwent his influence. Maintained contacts with Aloïs De Laet and visited the studios of Richard Baseleer, Jos Mous, Hendrik Luyten. Taken at the National Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp under the direction of Isidoor Opsomer, Julien Creytens and Albert Saverys. Transformed people and cities into a colorful fantastic world. At the end of his life he created works in which he tried to communicate the cosmic feel of life. Man was always present in his first works, but later on it hardly acquired any symbolic meaning. From the press: “The paintings of B.H. Because of the unexpected angle of the artist, because of their charge and because of his surprising palette, they have become an interplay between dream and reality, between matter and spirit, always testifying to an authentic painter. ” Work purchased by the State in 1959 and 1968/1969. Mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: Piron.