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Belgische kunstenaar Beniti Cornelis

Cornelis Beniti

Beniti Cornelis was a Belgian artist who was born in Mechelen in 1946 and who died in Bonheiden in 2017. He was a painter, graphic artist and designer of collages. He studied at the Academy and at the RIKA in Mechelen, at the Academy in Hasselt. Exhibits his work from 1970. Debuted with abstracted port installations. In 1980 he came to strong subjective, spontaneous work; he painted in an intuitive way, with unexpected shapes, spots, lines and signs, and worked with a limited range of colors. In recent years, he started to use more colors and let the backgrounds flow together. His works appear lyrical, mystical, static and sometimes enigmatic. From the press: "He is looking for traces, for prints that may have been washed out, for something that seems to have been lost and is recalled after inciting rituals." (HB) Presented at the Carole Jones Gallery in Chicago/United States in 1995, in the Pascal Polar gallery in Brussels in 2003 and 200, in the Ludwig Lefevere Art Gallery in Wortegem-Petegem in 2003 and 2008, in the Szymon Gallery in Antwerp in 2005, in the Dessers gallery in Leuven in 2006, in the Dessers-Beeck gallery in Keerbergen in 2006 and 2009. Work in the collection of the Belgian State and the Flemish Community, of the city of Mechelen, in the Print Cabinets in Brussels and Antwerp, in the Embassies of Belgium in Tel-Aviv and Singapore. Listed in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures by Belgian artists. (PIRON)