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Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Eddy Ausloos

Ausloos Eddy

Eddy Ausloos is a Belgian artist, born in Antwerp in 1943. He is a painter, graphic artist, draughtsman, illustrator, and cover designer. As a graphic artist, he masters etching and linocut techniques. With the help of Walter Soethoudt and Toon Brouwers, Ausloos founded the publishing house vzw Arsenaal in 1975, aiming to provide everyone with the opportunity to publish works democratically. Publishing house Arsenaal also released several of Eddy Ausloos’s own productions.  His publications include "Progres" (four linocuts, Antwerp, 1975), "Five Images from the Pleasant City" (zinc engravings, Antwerp 1977), and "Pieter Brueghel in Brussels" (fourteen linos, publisher Elisabeth van Loon/Herberg 't Leeuwken, Antwerp). In addition to many individual etchings and linos, Ausloos produced etchings for the 1978 calendar of the Mechelen City Puppet Theater and for the municipality of Berchem in 1977.  Eddy Ausloos provided illustrations for "Rural Poems" by Toon Brouwers (1977), "Liekes van Bajon" by John Lundström (1979), and "Hunting in Brussels" by Frank De Crits (1980). He has exhibited his work in Antwerp, Brussels, and Middelburg. He is listed in the publication "Antwerp Graphics after 1970" by the De Zwarte Panter gallery (Antwerp, 1979/1980). (Piron, BT)