Belgische kunstenaar Armand Apol

Apol Armand

Armand-Adrien-Marie (Armand) Apol was a Belgian artist who was born in Brussels in 1879 and who died there in 1950. He was a Belgian painter, etcher and lithographer of Post-Impressionism. Education at the Academy in Brussels under C. Montald (1891-1901). Was a member of the Le Sillon circle from 1901. Mobilized in 1914 but sent home that same year due to illness. Captured by the occupying forces in 1915, he was sent to the Holzminden Camp, from where he was evacuated in 1916, perhaps for health reasons, to Switzerland, where he stayed as a 'free internee'. In Holzminden a number of pencil drawings and watercolours were created with camp life as the subject. Back in Belgium, he mainly gained fame with landscapes and navies. Gray tonalities dominated in his first works, but gradually his palette became more luministic. As an etcher he worked, among other things, on works by other painters, such as V. De Saedeleer.  We can see his work in the Print Room in Brussels, in the Museums in Ixelles and Liège. He is mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)