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Nederlandse kunstschilder Ariën Winkel

Winkel Ariën

Ariën Winkel was born in 1944 in Haarlem. From the age of 7, he steps into the world of art. When his parents did not look, he was wandering through Haarlem and once he ended up in the studio of Anton Heijboer. Ariën wanted to show his paintings and drawings but Heijboer did not have time for him and he sent Ariën to the neighbors. These were the painter Jules Chapon and his wife Polly. That studio became in 1956 the famous gallery Espace, which later settled in Amsterdam. Painting and drawing are a primary necessity of life for Winkel. But despite that, in 1974, he became director of the Stedelijk Museum in Enkhuizen. That museum was shut down in 1995.