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Schilderijen kopen van de Antwerpse kunstenaar Alfons Marchant

Marchant Alfons

Alfons Marchant was a Belgian painter born in Antwerp in 1891 and died in Antwerp in 1967. He was also a designer of posters. He was educated at the Academy in Antwerp, where he was a pupil of Juliaan De Vriendt. He mainly worked in Antwerp and the Kempen. He realized portraits, figures, still lifes (snow) landscapes. Without doing futurism, he closely followed modern art movements. He exhibited together with Emiel Maeyens in the tearoom of the Variety Theater in Antwerp in 1918, at the summer exhibition of the Kring Doe Stil Voort in Brussels in 1918. From the press at the time: “A.M. is a voluptuousness of color. With great bright spots he pats her down, rubs her out, exults her gladness and her joy high” and “He is drunk with all that he sees. He wants to say it out, cry out. Hence the fierceness of his colours, sometimes harsh in their astonishing and astonishing contrasts.” He later exhibited in the Breckpot gallery in Antwerp in 1961. He then exhibited 'choreographic dreams, skipping visions in the decorative style of the 1920s'. He was co-founder of the Kring Móderne Kunst in Antwerp in 1918 with Jozef Peeters as secretary. His grave monument is/was located at the Schoonselhof cemetery in Antwerp. (piron)