Belgische Pastelkunstenaar Albert Loots

Loots Albert

Albert Loots was a Belgian artist born in 1915 in Tessenderlo and he died in 1992 in Lier. He was a painter and crayon painter. During his childhood, Albert Loots was a draftsman and under the influence of Brother Viventius (Brother of Charity) he learned to draw pastel during primary school. During his education at the academies of Liège and Hasselt, he focused primarily on painting with oil paint and portraits. The urge for details led him to draw again with pastel (chalk). He showed a preference for the Campine and its farms, landscapes with cattail and willows, or nature in general. His works can be divided into three periods: the learning period with a multitude of techniques from 1927 (pen drawing, charcoal, etching, etc.), his oil painting period and later excelling with pastel (chalk). On the other hand, the works can be divided into original works and the many reproductions that were distributed. He found his inspiration in the Limburg Campine. Realistic design that still looks romantic and idyllic. Albert Loots is best known as a crayon painter. The pastel chalk was sufficient as a means to apply a lot of detail and shades of color. This technique makes it possible to perpetuate complex light play on the medium paper. His works are very realistic as if a photo was taken. In this way he wanted to glorify nature with an ode to the 'De Kempen', his native region. (RKD, PIRON, Wikipedia).