Grafische werken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Albert Daniëls

Daniëls Albert

Albert Daniëls is a Belgian artist who was born in 1944 in Overpelt. He is a graphic artist. Training at Sint-Lukas in Brussels. Graphic arts teacher from 1968. Debuted as an etcher, but started to combine etching and woodcut from about 1985, with the woodcut usually serving as a frame for the central etched part, often depicting a couple in love. Some prints are colored afterwards. Evolved into a more abstract design, in which the figuration, however, remains clearly recognizable. From the press: “His art has an alloy of form and content, the exact composition of which is impossible to determine. We can circle around it, but the deepest core of his art remains unspeakable.” (P. Tanghe) (Piron)
His current graphic and pictorial figurative work floats on the boundaries of Pop art, surrealistic "movements" and cartoon art. It depicts a world shattered and shattered, whirling in cosmic space, which is dazed and distraught without realizing it, takes courage in a timid mockery and tries to find and recognize itself and the others. (1971 Leon van Buyten)