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Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenares Nancy Aillery

Aillery Nancy

Nancy Aillery is a Belgian artist, born in Antwerp in 1962. She is a jewelry designer and painter. She received her training at the Sint-Lucas Pavilion in Antwerp. She then followed various studio internships and worked as a jewelry designer for various companies (1984-1990). In 1991 she established herself as an independent jewelry designer. She finds her inspiration in the human figure, architecture, sometimes in nature. She works in white and yellow gold, both shiny and matte, and possibly in combination with diamonds or pearls. In 1999 she founded the Circle of Belgium Jewelry Design, Art & Craft of the High Council of Jewelry Art and Watchmaking. Around 2000 she became fascinated with painting in acrylic. As a painter she works in abstract design and different techniques. From the press: 'Each painting starts with the same silver, smooth base layer and ends with a patient, balanced finish. The works have a high decorative value and appear dynamic and temperamental. She rarely works around themes, but paints from her feelings. Her works are a constant search for balance and composition.' (2008) (Piron)