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Kunstwerken kopen van de Israelische kunstenaar Aharon Kahana

Kahana Aharon

Aharon Kahana was an Israeli artist who was born in 1905 in Stuttgart, Germany and who died in Paris in 1967. He was a painter, graphic artist and ceramicist. His art education took place from 1922 to 1925 at the Academy of Art in Stuttgart, where he focused on ceramics in addition to traditional art studies, and later studied at the Academy in Berlin. After graduating, he traveled to Paris to study both Old Masters and the work of his contemporaries at leading galleries. He immigrated to Ramat Gan, Israel in 1935, and would become a founding member of the important Israeli art movement New Horizons, which focused on abstraction, to which he had returned in 1943. Aharon Kahana's later work began to embrace simplicity, moving from a brief period of realism and classical composition to abstraction. By now, he had founded and been part of the Israeli art movement Ofakim Hadashim (New Horizons) for thirteen years, working with several modern artists to develop a style that reflected contemporary Jewish modernism. During this time, not only did his work take on a cubist, minimalist look, but it reflected the work he'd put down in ceramics: bold, hinting at primitive, and saturated with glowing colors. "Composition Surrealiste" beautifully illuminates his specific style.