19 de eeuwse schilderijen van Théodore Aerssen kopen

Aerssen Théodore

Théodore Barthélemy Joseph Aerssen was a Belgian painter, born in Etten/the Netherlands in 1820 and died in Leuven in 1852. He is also mentioned in various reference works with the first name Théophile. He was a student of Charles Van Der Eycken in Leuven. He mainly made landscapes and forest scenes. In 1840 he exhibited in Bruges with 'Forest view in summer in the vicinity of Leuven', in Brussels in 1848 with 'Sunset in Germany', and again in Brussels in 1851 with 'Ardens landscape after a rain shower'. Théodore Aerssens is mentioned in the Biographie Nationale of the Royal Academy of Belgium, volume xxxix. (Piron)