Adriaan Christiaan Willem Terhel

Terhel Adriaan Christiaan Willem

Adriaan Christiaan Willem Terhell (Venlo , March 7, 1863 - Beverwijk, April 28, 1949) was a Dutch painter who worked according the romantic tradition. He signed his works using the preudonym J. Le Blanc.
He lived and worked in Bussum until 1885 and then in The Hague until 1943. Here in 1899, he was engaged for many years as a painter of coats of arms by the College of Arms. Terhell was a painter with a large production, comprising landscapes, sea and river views, village and towns signed with its own name, but also under the pseudonyms J. Le Blanc, Ch. Petit, P.L. Jacoby and, to a lesser extent, C. de Zeeuw. 
In addition to oil paintings he also produced watercolours and gouaches. Terhell died at age 86 in Beverwijk, his last place of residence.