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Dendermondse schilder Adolphe Willems

Willems Adolphe

Adolphe Willems was a Belgian painter, born in Dendermonde in 1866 and died in Dendermonde in 1953. He was educated at the Academy in Dendermonde under the direction of Is. Meyers, J. Rosseels and F. Willaert. He mainly realized religious frescoes, church interiors, cityscapes and beguinage scenes. More sporadically he painted Scheldt views and flower arrangements. He used a realistic design with a luministic slant. His works exude atmosphere and serenity. He is sometimes described as 'the poet of the Dendermonde led Church'. Originally he was a decorative painter and teacher at the Volksschool in Lebbeke. From the press: ‘A.W. interprets with a catchy palette the prayer of color of the church windows and the mystery of the church aisles, in which the shadow of evening and night slides. (J. Crick) Work by Adolphe Willems can also be found in the Museum in Dendermonde. He is mentioned in CRICK, BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)