Stilleven Bloemen 1840

Arnoldus Bloemers

Artist: Arnoldus Bloemers (1792 - 1844) see remarks
Technique: Oil on panel
Condition : Excellent condition 
Signed: Yes and dated
Sales with list : Monogrammed and dated
Overall dimensions (in cm) : 50 cm on 44 cm 
Measured image (in cm) :  25.5 cm on 20 cm 
Remarks: The RKD in the netherlands checked this painting (topic, composition and signature) and concluded that "Based on the photos you send, we believe that the flower still life (panel 27 x 21.3 cm) is probably not by Arnoldus Bloemers. Although the composition shows similarities, the performance differs from what we know from Arnoldus Bloemers. The effect of the flowers is sloppy and less precise. For example, a grain of Bloemers shows the veins very precisely, which is almost completely missing in this work. Everything has been sharper on other works (including the works of a modest size). The monogram on your work looks stiff and has previously been checked that it is his. That is why we are of the opinion that your flower still life is most likely not the work of Arnoldus Bloemers. Unfortunately we were unable to attribute the work to another artist."


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