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Belgische schilder Tony Van Os

Van Os Tony

Tony van Os, or Antoine van Os, was a Belgian artist born in Antwerp in 1886 and died in Temse in 1945. He was a painter, draftsman and illustrator. Born as the seventh son in a large family. His father ran a thriving printing house where from 1891 the newly founded daily newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen was printed. Education at the Academy and at the Higher Institute in Antwerp (1901-19009). Pupil of Frans Lauwers, Ch. Mertens, P. Verhaert, J. De Vriendt and F. Courtens. Debuted with landscapes and Scheldt faces under the influence of F. Courtens and especially of E. Laermans. In his austere but dignified portraits he probed the physical and psychological characteristic: he portrayed people in their original environment. His religious scenes initially showed influence from the English Pre-Raphaelites. Soon, however, he developed his own fresco-like style. He often included the Scheldt in his many religious scenes. His landscape paintings are characterized by the misty gray of a damp air and the pale brown of the earth. His oeuvre has an atmosphere that breathes nostalgia. Everything is attuned to a stilled poetic translation, although one can also recognize a degree of social commitment in the canvases and figures of the fishermen in the Scheldeland. Stillness, even diffidence, gives his oeuvre a very special atmosphere and a sensitive timbre. Godecharle Prize in 1908. Settled in Doel in 1909, then in Bornem and in 1919 finally in Temse. Was a member of Pelgrim, an association of visual artists, musicians and authors, whose aim was to revalue Christian art in Flanders. Realized several Stations of the Cross, for the Don Bosco Church in Sint-Niklaas (1920), the Church of the Fathers of the Sacred Heart in Borgerhout (1930), the Church in Halen near Diest (1931), the Church of the Fathers of the Holy Hart in Bree (1932), the church in Koewacht (1937), the church in Opstal/Buggenhout (1941). He situated the scenes along the banks of the Scheldt in front of the church in Westrode. Work in the museum in Antwerp. Mentioned in BAS I and Two Centuries of Signatures of Belgian Artists. (PIRON)