Kunstwerken kopen van de Slowaakse kunstenaar Marián Oravec

Oravec Marián

Marián Oravec is a Slovak artist born in 1958 in Bratislava. He is a painter and graphic artist. In spring 1974 -78 he studied at the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts in Bratislava. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava in 1978-84, at the Department of Architecture and Vrije Graphic Design and Professor Albín Brunovský. In the beginning of his artistic activity, Oravec strips and illustrates at the age of 20, especially at the "Children's Joy" award of Mladé Letá. He is specialized in signs, drawings, illustrations and graphics. They are immovable pictures marked with many colors and details. The author has already made a shield and the result is a surrealistic panel image with an internal level that is used by the Dutch masters. He is working in Bratislava. It works a number of years in the countryside, in Australia. It is located in Bratislava, Split, Melbourne, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Utrecht, Ferarre. It does not include international international exhibitions from the Ex-Libris Biennale, Kraków, Sint-Niklaas and Belgium and the RAI Art in Amsterdam. Mythological motifs and plates are transferred in their prizes and oil paintings. The cities of the cities are in the field of private sector change.
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