Schilderij van de Belgische schilder Lucien Frank

Frank Lucien

Lucien Frank was born in Brussels on 10 November 1857 as the third child of Joseph Frank and Serette Levy. He probably received his artistic training in France. In Belgium, as an adept of pleinairism, he discovered quite early the charms of picturesque Ohain, where he worked quite intensely in the years 1887-1890 and developed his own style. From 1890 he also worked a lot in the region of Tervuren, where he settled for a while. But the Belgian coast and sites in the Netherlands also enjoyed his interest. His interest gradually shifted to the liveliness of streets and markets in the big cities, which he reflected in his own style. He stayed abroad during breaks. At the outbreak of the 1st World War he left Belgium. During this foreign stay, which brought him to France and Spain, his wife died. Once back in Belgium he found, together with his son Paul, in 1919 a new home in Ohain. Barely a few months after he had moved into his home, he suddenly died on January 19, 1920. (from VZW Lucien Frank)

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