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Belgische kunst kopen van de Belgische kunstenares Joris Léontine

Joris Léontine

Léontine Joris (pseudonym: Jo, Léo) was a Belgian artist, born in Tournai in 1870 and died in Brussels in 1962. She was a painter, watercolourist, graphic artist, caricaturist, designer of posters and toys. Her environment and the sculptor Van Der Stappen encouraged her precocious talent. She developed largely as an autodidact. As a painter she created landscapes, still lifes and figures. Her caricatures were published by Comica, Le Rire (Paris) Simplicissimus and Lustige Bläter (Berlin). She contributed to the illustration of Contes de Sambre-et-Meuse (Brussels, 1905) and to Les manches de lustrine (Paris, 1913) by Maurice des Ombiaux. During the First World War, he made drawings for children's toys that were sold to benefit the war invalids. She exhibited at the Salon de Printemps in Brussels in 1909, at the Salon d'Art Moderne in Charleroi in 1911 and at the Salon Triennal in Brussels in 1914 (The old rain screen and The Grand Duke). She is mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)