Geplette gedaanten 1992 Ouderschap 7 van 40

Artist : Reinhoud D'Haese (Geraardsbergen 1928 - 2007 Parijs) and Hugo Claus (Brugge 1929 - 2008 Antwerpen)
Technique : Etching
Condition : Mint
Signed: Yes, also numbered
Sales with list : No
Measured image (in cm) : 37 cm on 24.6 cm
Overall dimensions (in cm) : 37.2 cm on 25 cm (front with the poem by Hugo Claus)
Obtained: Private collection
Remarks: Colophon: “'Geplette Gedaanten' was set in the autumn of 1992 for Publisher AMO in Amstelveen from the Bembo corps 18 and printed on BFK Rives by Hans van Eijk, In de Bonnefant in Banholt. The edition of 50 copies is divided as follows: the numbers I – 40 contain ten etchings in color by Recontent; the numbers I – X contain, in addition to the ten color etchings, a suite of these etchings in black and white, one of the original etching plates and the accompanying poem in the manuscript of Hugo Claus. The etchings were printed by Biel Genty in Montjavoult and numbered and signed by the artist. The boxes were manufactured by Binderij Phoenix, Amsterdam. All copies of this publication are numbered on the press and signed in the colophon by author and artist." Arabic numbered copy.

Hugo Claus's poem is printed on the front of a folder containing the work of Reinhoud D'Haese.

The black background in the photo has been used to highlight the details of the paper used. (scanned object)


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