Antwerpen Bloedberg 1930

Artist: Joris Minne (Oostende 1897 - 1988 Antwerpen)
Technique: Woodcut
State: See pictures
Signature:  No
Sale with frame: No
Size picture (in cm): 12.3 cm x 10 cm (Moet 11.4 cm x 9 cm)
Dimensions of the work: 28 cm x 18 cm (collector's map)
Obtained: Auction
Remarks: Mounted in small collector's map.  Was published in "Atmosfeer van Antwerpen. Zes-en-dertig houtgravures, Gemeentebestuur Antwerpen 1930, Joris Minne. Voorwoord Maurits Sabbe"

The black background in the photo has been used to highlight the details of the paper used. (scanned object)



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