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Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar William (Willy) Vermeersch

Vermeersch William (Willy)

William (Willy) Vermeersch was a Belgian artist who was born in Leuven in 1922. He was a painter and printmaker. Training at the Free Art Academy of Brussels under the direction of Martin Bollé and J. Dufour. Realized still lifes, flowers, seascapes, interiors and landscapes. From the press: "W.V. has continued on the path of figuration, which he embarked on since the age of eleven, without making many side jumps. His heart continued to recommend the same subjects to him: seascapes, figures, portraits and above all, nature in motion in the Westhoek, the Kalmthoutse heide or the Meerdaalwoud. However, he did evolve. There was more freedom of brushstroke and even more sensitivity of the brushstrokes in his hand. He paints more contrasting, lighter and with more atmosphere than before" (M. Meekers) and "WV is an artist with heart and soul: every work reflects a poetic enthusiasm. Without the slightest restraint, unimpeded, he dares to give free rein to his passion for painting in broad, frank strokes, and yet he is a romantic in the sense that he continues to connect subjectivity with poetry artistic expression, but he is also a restless seeker for innovation, for his own vision, for always different combinations of lines, shapes and colors. mastership in daringly harmonizing pure and contrasting colors, he has come to realize that he can also achieve the same goal with a certain thrift of means." First major exhibition at the Maison des Architectes in Brussels in 1961. Also exhibited at the Art Exhibition at the Palace of Congresses in Brussels in 1973. Worked in Heverlee. (Piron)