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Nederlandse schilder Willem Borgh

Borgh Willem

Willem Borgh was a Dutch artist born in 1925 in Rotterdam and died in 2003. He was a draftsman, painter and sculptor. At the age of 16 he started his studies at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, the same academy where Willem de Kooning, Hendrik Chabot, Kees van Dongen followed their art training. After the academy Willem received private lessons from famous artists such as Marius Richters and Herman Bieling. Willem Borgh originally wanted to become a sculptor. However, because he had to make drawings for the sculptures, he decided to make paintings as well. His sculptures are made of wood, ceramic, stone and bronze. Willem Borgh had many commissions from civil servants and cultural institutions for his paintings and sculptures, including a mural in the Football Stadium of Feyenoord in Rotterdam. He had many shows in the Netherlands and his works were sold in different countries. The most striking aspects of Willem Borgh's work are the colors and the sense of humor in his paintings and sculptures.