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Kunstwerken kopen van Walter Goossens

Goossens Walter

Walter Goossens is a Belgian artist who was born in Lier in 1943. He is a painter. Education at the Academy in Antwerp under the direction of F. Van Loock and K. De Roover, at the Higher Institute in Antwerp. Monumental, burlesque or sober, ironic and sometimes surrealist, he mocks himself and the world. His 1974 exhibition, "The Fairground Mirrors", consisted of a series of distorted self-portraits. Another theme that is often addressed is the fear of the mechanized world in the form of threatening technological monsters. From the press: "W.G. has used the self-portrait as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a long time, but he has now deviated from it considerably. He does not paint for the public, but manifests himself strongly and vehemently in his art. It is death, or rather the symbols of death, that inspire him for his drawings, paper cutting, paintings and wire sculptures. Crosses and wreaths form the elements with which W.G. builds up his poignant testimony." (R.C.C., 1982) Exhibited in the gallery De Zwarte Panter in Antwerp in 1982. Work purchased by the State in 1982/1983. Mentioned in BAS I, II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: Piron