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Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Tuur de Rijbel

de Rijbel Tuur

Tuur de Rijbel was a Belgian artist born in 1927 in Lebbeke and died there in 2016. He was a painter, graphic artist and sculptor. He learned to draw under the guidance of Juul Keppens and followed a course in graphic techniques in Ghent. He completed his studies at the Academies in Dendermonde and Aalst. In Aalst he was led by Modest Van Mulders. He had a preference for landscapes, farms and found his inspiration in the Polders and the Scheldt region. He also painted portraits, seascapes, old buildings and flowers. He glorified the picturesque Vlassenbroek with its poetic church. His works often have a touch of nostalgia and melancholy and they radiate atmosphere and tranquility. From the press: “His works show a rich matière, a strong handwriting, a great admiration for the Scheldt and nature all the way” and “T.D.R. is always atmospheric, partly because of the striking golden tonalities that he conjures up on his canvases. He shows us again and again the beauty of the paint matter by making virtuoso use of the palette knife.” (J.P. De Bruyn) His sculptures can be found in, among others, Buggenhout, De Molenaar (2002) and Buggenhout-Bos, de Boskrabber (2005). He became an honorary citizen of his native village Lebbeke in 2011. He worked in Buggenhout. He is mentioned in Artists and galleries, fourth edition (2000), in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists; (piron)