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Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar René De Coninck

De Coninck René

René De Coninck was a Belgian artist who was born in 1907 in Bredene and who died in 1978 in Beveren/Antwerp. He was a graphic artist (etcher) and painter. Followed courses in Bournemouth/Great Britain (1924-1925), at the Academy in Bussel (1929-1931), at the Academy in Antwerp under J. De Bruycker and L. Peeters, at the Hoger Instituut in Antwerp. His theme is related to that of Breugel, Bosch De Bruycker. Often tends towards magical realism, fantasy and surrealism. You can also effortlessly find inspiration in the Antwerp harbor area. From the press: 'What lies dormant in the realm of the dream and the fantasy, he is able to give a biting existence. He opens up a world that we enter fascinated.' (R.D.C.) became an etching teacher at the Academy in Antwerp in 1946. Mentioned in the Lexicon of West Flemish visual artists I and in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)