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Kunstwerken kopen van Marie-Alice Boshoff

Boshoff Marie-Alice

Marie-Alice Boshoff (born 1981 in Bellville (SA), lives and works in Ghent since 2005) is a visual artist and printmaker. She likes to emphasize the latter, because she is inspired and fascinated by the possibilities of printing techniques. She mainly works with linoprint and etching, but uses them in her free work in such a way that each work becomes a unique print. Her designs are simple. She plays with floral elements and vegetative patterns, with crystalline shapes and doll figures. They could be a nice base for wallpaper patterns for example. But Marie-Alice mainly uses them on a small scale: in modest works in which she allows the forms to flow and seems to avoid symmetry. Her motifs alternately take on the role of foreground or background. The natural shapes stem from her memory of the rich natural environment in which she grew up in South Africa. She also brought the figures that keep appearing in her prints from her home country, from her own family context. She gives them a leading role in her colourful, fanciful depiction of a world in which daydreaming and fantasy are fully allowed. (Art house)