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Kunstwerken kopen van de Franse kunstenaar Louis Toffoli

Toffoli Louis

Louis Toffoli is a French artist who was born in Trieste (Austrian coast) in 1907, the son of an Italian father and a Slovenian mother. He died in Paris in 1999. He was a painter and lithographer. Austro-Hungarian successively, then Italian and French, Toffoli declared himself "from Trieste" and signed his paintings neither Luigi nor Louis, but only Toffoli. Toffoli's canvases immediately catch the visitor's eye: the light is transparent and crosses all forms, it seems to come out of the paintings and the impression of purity that emerges creates a deep intimacy with the characters. Louis Toffoli is said to be looking for an unusual inner truth, the colors and the vivid lights in his paintings make the patterns of the canvas sing and delight the viewers. Louis Toffoli uses only one technique for his painted works: oily chalk. The subjects are therefore often found on oilcloth, where the light shines through differently depending on the medium. Louis Toffoli devotes a period of his work to light in lithography. He also dedicates a work to the lithographer's work with La Presse à bras. (Wikipedia)