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Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Louis De Saeger

De Saeger Louis

Louis De Saeger was a Belgian painter born in Dendermonde in 1908 and probably died in Ghent in 1999 (unclear in literature (BT)). He studied drawing at the Academy in Dendermonde under the guidance of Maes, Gorus and Gogo. Further training was followed at the Academy in Ghent under the supervision of, among others, Coddron and Alfons De Cuyper. He treated the following subjects: (Scheldt) landscapes, views from Dendermonde, Vlassenbroek, Afsnee, Deinze, Beernem and Ghent Cityscapes. He maintained contacts with the Dendermond painters and worked with Jan Maes along the banks of the Scheldt. In Ghent he met Gust De Smet. He also found inspiration in Bruges, as well as on the coast and he also painted portraits. He settled in Sint-Amandsberg. He exhibited at the 47th Salon of the Circle of Art and Knowledge in Ghent in 1946. He is listed in De Dendermondse Schilderschool. (piron)