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Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Joseph Lemaire

Lemaire Joseph

Joseph Lemaire was a Belgian painter who was born in 1891 in Vielsalm and who died in 1972 in Isnes/Gembloux. He was a painter (oil and watercolor). He was an autodidact and worked in Fleurus, he settled in 1945 in Isnes. He made his debut with watercolors during the recovery period from an injury sustained at the front during the First World War. He mainly painted landscapes with a preference for the Ardennes and Kempen landscapes, river views (Samber, Amblève, Vesder and Sûre) and picturesque village streets. In his early days he had a preference for mainly gray tonalities (ca. 1935) and from there he evolved towards a more colorful palette. He used a powerful, slightly synthesized design in which he manages to capture the soul of his subjects. He exhibited, among other things, at the Second December Salon of the National Association of Painters and Sculptors of Belgium in Brussels in 1939, in Charleroi in 1962, in the gallery La Meuse in Namur in 1961 and 1964. His works are depicted in the Annuaire des Beaux-Arts ii (1932-1933), p. 153 and in the Annuaire iv (1935-1936), p. 84. Retrospective was held in Gembloux in 1996. According to Abécédaire des peintres du pays de Charleroi by Frédéric Mac Donough (Labour Publishers, Loverval, 2006) Lemaire Joseph died in Fleurus in 1965. (Piron)