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De Belgische schilder Joseph (Jos) Tilleux

Tilleux Joseph (Jos)

Joseph (Jos) Tilleux was a Belgian artist born in Antwerp in 1896 and died in Schilde in 1978. He was a painter. Education at the Academy and at the Higher Institute in Antwerp. Pupil of F. Courtens, E. Hens and A. Ciamberlani. During the war years 1914-1918 he came in contact with Is. Opsomer and continued to work in his studio until 1921. Was friends with F. Timmermans and A. Van Boeckel in Lier. Became a teacher at the Academy in Dendermonde. Realized, among others, landscapes, rural scenes, seascapes, still lifes and portraits. In his early days he also found his subjects in the Lierse folklore and in the picturesque corners of that city, later also in Spain, Italy (Venice) and Germany. His first period was characterized by a rather gloomy coloration, but around 1935 the palette became brighter and the color purer. Approximately in 1940 he made the colors glow even more, so that the works began to reflect strength, freshness and cheerfulness. From the press: “J.T. is a landscape painter by excellence. How often would he have painted the Scheldt. Not to mention the numerous Flemish landscapes with their characteristic peculiarities, which cannot be seen anywhere else. Added to this are his landscapes that he made in France, Italy and Spain. Landscapes with warm and healthy skies, but very different from the work for which he found inspiration in his own country.” Mentioned in CRICK, BAS II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (PIRON)