kunstweken van de Belgische kunstenaar Hugo Claus

Claus Hugo

Hugo Claus was a Belgian artist born in Bruges in 1929 and died in Antwerp in 2008. He was a painter, draftsman, designer of collages and filmmaker. He is best known as an author and poet. One of the most important authors from the Dutch language area since the Second World War. Self-taught visual artist. Delivered both abstract and figurative work, in which women and eroticism play an important role. In 1949 came into contact with Dotremont and the Cobra movement and took part in their exhibitions. Committed suicide in 2008. Mentioned in the Lexicon of West Flemish visual artists I, BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists.
Source: Paul Piron, The Belgian visual artists from the 19th to the 21st century.